Shay speaks!

Get inspired and transformed through Shayla's powerful story and life-changing message

Your Best and Only Choice

Loss. Pain. Trouble. Addiction. Abuse. Life-threatening Illness. Too many near-death experiences to list.

Her story will move you. But the lessons she's learned and principles she shares will transform you.


When your event needs a powerful message to impact lives and help women overcome, there's only one choice.

Choose Shayla for a refreshing "no frills," value-rich, high-impact experience for your audience!

Speaking Topics & Titles

Presentations available as keynote, workshop/training, or panel discussion include:

• The Power of a Woman's Story

• My Trip to the Moon

• TRUE Identity Women's Empowerment Seminar

• An Excellent Wife Knows Her TRUE Identity

• Becoming a Woman Who Knows Her TRUE Identity

Available themes include women's wellness, domestic violence, life purpose, overcoming adversity, healthy relationships, better living, and similar topics customized for your audience's needs

Satisfied Clients Shayla Has Served
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Charlotte Crain
Shawn Perry
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"I was really touched by Shayla's story. It was powerful, insightful, and very impactful."


"Ya'll call her Shayla Reneé Price. I call her 'Quiet Storm.' #PowerfulStory"

"Shayla Reneé was absolutely powerful. Her testimony just literally changed my life. [Women's event planners] should consider her an expert ... they should consider her as their first option for a speaker!"

"I Am Free" Domestic Violence Ministry, Bethany Baptist Church


CEO, Delivering on Ideas & Thoughts (DO IT!)


Women's Committee Chair,

Parkway Baptist Church


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"I was just really amazed with Shayla Reneé's presentation today! She's brave. I'm saying as a woman that I see her as my 'Shero' because she's able to now say let me go back and help other women who might be going through the same thing [i.e., identity crisis, domestic violence, etc.].


Shayla inspired our congregation here today...and I have no doubt that she will make an impact on other churches and communities along the way. In fact, people have already asked me about her coming to speak at their church today, and i said 'call her!!'"

Robin Witherspoon-Gill

First Lady,

Parkway Baptist Church